Why did I begin this blog….

I started this blog, probably because I feel as though I am becoming a female version of Victor Meldrew before my time. (People not from the UK or those of you who are too young will have to google)  I am a married thirty something mother of two, never really held down the education thing, fell in love young, had children young, had crappy part time supermarket jobs, until a few years ago when I became a full time housewife.

Its basically me ranting about whatever gripes me. The minute I feel the little vein in my forehead throbbing I am going to pick up the iPad and type, like a form of therapy if you will. Expect a lot of swearing, especially now as I have given up smoking (almost five whole nicotine starved months)

i don’t really care if people enjoy reading it or not, I’d be chuffed if they did of course but it really is just me putting two fingers up at the fucking unjust, shitty things that peeve me off.

Please remember that I didn’t think up any of it, it’s all from the little voice in my head 😉

mom ( mother on mish) mission for those not from the north west UK x