Facebook wankers!

Are you a Facebook wanker? If you post continual statuses such as……


“Feeling meh” 

“I have a cold :-(((((” 

“omg I’m so stresseddddd” 

“well you know who your real friends are, some people are never there when you need them. Blah fucking blahhhhh” 


Just please quit this if you do this, if you have a bad day, phone your mum, a good friend, anyone!!! It you look like a tool online and people will actually get fed up of reading your whinging! obviously everyone does this from time to time, but it is when it is multiple times a day! It really does grate on me to the extent that I don’t use the site as much. 

Possibly the worst one for me is people constantly whining about minor ailments! such as a fucking cold! Maybe this is because recently one of my dearest friends, had to nurse their younger brother through cancer, at a young age, it took hold very quickly and sadly he recently passed away, only in his early thirties 😦 fucking prime of his life. So when all the whinging bitch ass whiners pipe up about a cold the voice inside my head goes wild! I had to log off Facebook so many times to stop it. 

That’s all really recently, I’ve been happy of late 😀 only thing pissing me right off out of the fucking window, is stupid Facebook fucks! 

one more thing to add!!! It actually makes me smile inside when a :-((((( very sad face, or a :-/ meh face, goes unanswered all day without a single “what’s wrong?” or a mere like! I’m such a bitch in my little head, I do genuinely like some of these people, I feel like shaking them and saying “Do you realise that online, you come across as kind of a dick?” But, as I am honest, some things shouldn’t be said in the name of tact. 



One thought on “Facebook wankers!

  1. Ha– oh, I’m right there with ya. These crack me up. I actually deleted my facebook about a year ago and started a new one that only included people I actually KNOW and interact with on a somewhat regular basis… for the most part I no longer have these people on my newsfeed (must have had something to do with all the high school friends being on there) and while this makes me happy I do miss judging and laughing at them. Like these:

    What’s wrong?
    It’s private.

    WTF why did you post it on facebook then?!

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