Wanting to slap a pensioner (grocery shopping annoyance)

Choosing cordial with my daughter. Old guy must have been listening to us as we shopped.

Daughter: “Can I choose the flavour?”

Me: “Of course darling”

*She chooses apple, the majority of which got poured away last week, so they mustn’t have enjoyed it too much*

Me: “Oh hang on, that got wasted last time choose another kind….”

Elderly parenting guru wannabe “Why give the child a choice if you are going to choose the juice for her?”

What I said next: Β “Excuse me but that is none of your business, the juice she chose got wasted the last time and I don’t believe in waste, thankyou goodbye”

I was polite because I was taught to respect my elders…..


What the voice in my head was saying…….

“Are you for fucking real??? Do you purposefully follow parents in grocery shops, and spring out from behind shelves to dispense pearls of your wisdom? For your information I didn’t choose for her, I guided her, reminded her that maybe the apple juice isn’t a good choice because they didn’t drink it the last time. Why oh why, do you want me to waste juice?!?!? You oldies usually freak out about us younger wasteful generations, you cunthook! Be off with you… Shoo…before I force the juice up your arse, closely followed by your unwanted and unnecessary criticism.”

Before anyone starts on about me bashing the elderly, my inner voice discriminates no one. If you act like a tool, inner voice will tell you so regardless of race, age, social status, gender, sexuality.


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