Gross beyond measure…..

Why do young men think it makes them look hard to spit in the street ?  It doesn’t it makes you look like a twat. Does it hail back to some form of primitive ‘display of prowess’? Who knows but most likely we have evolved beyond it so fucking stop it.

While on the subject of pond life, may I mention tossers who sit at the front of buses, instead of leaving those spaces free for the elderly or disabled, like the sign says, or even worse, people who don’t give up their seat for a pregnant or elderly passenger.  Fucking stop it, you’re not above anyone else and it makes you look like a massive dickhead.

Also… While I’m here, people who walk three abreast and force people off pavements ! No! Just fucking NO! I would love to punch one of these wanks actually off the pavement, but I would never do that, because I was brought up with a bit of common decency. You fucks!

love from voice in my head x


6 thoughts on “Gross beyond measure…..

  1. I’ve never gotten the whole spitting thing either. Or especially the one-fingered nostril blow, when they clear out each nostril one at a time on the sidewalk. It’s still bodily fluids! Why not take a dump in the street while you’re at it? And maybe lick yourself? The only time I would ever, EVER think of doing that is if three people were walking toward me abreast on the sidewalk. And I meant the nostril blow, not the licking myself part. Just so we’re clear on that…

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